Tips on Feeding Solid Foods to 4 Month Old Babies

kolelonline-1While it is recommended that you not give your baby solid foods until six months of age, some pediatricians say it is fine to feed solid foods to babies at age four months. You can start your baby off with rice cereal and then proceed with pureed fruits and vegetables. Don’t get discouraged if your baby does not like certain flavors because he might like them gradually as you keep feeding those flavors to him throughout the year Make sure that your baby is ready for solid foods before you begin the process. Signs of readiness include the ability to hold his head up, showing interest in food, and the loss of the tongue thrust that makes it hard for him to swallow food. is always worth checking out for doctor’s notes.

Naturally babies will be drawn to fruits when you first feed them solid foods because they enjoy sweet foods and their formula is also slightly sweet. But if you only feed them pureed fruits, babies are not getting a well rounded and nutritious meal during the day. You should feed your baby vegetables and pureed meats so that he can get the vitamins and minerals he needs.

Some of the savory baby foods might taste bland to your baby but resist the temptation to add extra salt or other spices to the food because too much salt in a baby’s diet is not too good and your baby might be allergic to different spices. It’s better to experiment with different flavors of the baby food and discontinue the ones your baby consistently dislikes.

A regular tablespoon might be uncomfortable so when giving your baby solid food, it’s best to use a baby spoon. Before each feeding you should wash your hands and always put a bib around your baby so that his cute outfit will not get dirty. Some parents take their babies’ clothes off and feed them this way since it keeps clothes from getting dirty.

In conclusion, solid foods are a welcome break from the usual milk your baby drinks. Don’t force feed him and exercise patience when he is not into specific textures of the food. You can also make your own baby food since it is cheaper than the packaged baby food, and you get to try your favorite recipes on your baby. Babies can get picky regarding food and if you see certain foods that she really likes, buy more of these in bulk.

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