How you earn from using a doctor’s notes

Currently, doctors notes for school or for work are becoming very popular. Many employees and students are becoming stressed at school or at work and they seek to have some time to relax and have some relief from stress. For this reason, they turn up into buying Dr. Notes because it is the quickest way to have a vacation and with a bonus – it’s paid!

Doctor excuse form, most commonly known as a Doctor’s note, are document given by physicians to testify that a person is sick or not able to work. If you have this document, you will be awarded by paid leaves and your vacation will be granted. However, some companies don’t comply to that provision. They abuse their authority and don’t care to their employees.

But to those working at a reasonable and kind company, you could use the help of a fake note from time to time. But a convincing fake note is more than just a little note that you could write yourself. You must be aware of how to easily fake a doctors note. Examples are all over the internet, but you must greatly consider the quality of what you are buying. You would not want to end up in jail for fraud, don’t you?

You see, you can really make use of these facts by selling doctors notes for work. Surely, you will have many customers once they discover about it. Your email and social media accounts, however, should be created for these purposes only and it would be better if you will create something that is not directly pointing to you. This business should be in the shadows, so that you can avoid troubles when it arises.

You should start planning on creating this as your business. This is really easy, all you have to do is start a network with other suppliers then start selling. You can add a very small amount to begin with as your earning. But it’s not that simple, though it’s easy. You should first set-up your own website, advertise your website (ranking it using SEO and SEM strategies), contact suppliers, and create your own.

Another factor to consider is how to get a doctor’s note that you can start patterning your own work. This is vital because you’re about to start a business where your main product is a doctor’s note and template designs should be a primary focus. In order to not waste time and money, you should collect templates that are proven to work.

There is plenty of websites that could help you find the fake doctor excuse that best suites you. Read the article at for important pointers.

If you are interested in doing this, you might want to visit for more details on how to start your business and how to grow it into you passive income source that will help you for a lifetime. I have personally reviewed some of the best online notes selling sites today, and one thing I found out, they all use a real note as a template. Go to story to get the best fake doctors’ note.

To add up to your resources, you can also visit as my personal recommendation. They have numerous template designs that have been working for years which can be used as your pattern for the future notes you will create. Please visit for more information about doctor’s form.

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